Induction Cooking

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Induction cooktops use magnetic energy to heat food via special coils located directly beneath a smooth cooking surface. While once used primarily in commercial kitchens, the induction stove has become increasingly affordable to the average consumer and therefore more common in residential homes. Cooking using induction technology is somewhat different from other replica watches uk cooking methods. For this reason, induction cooking tips can be extremely useful if you have recently acquired your stove.

Choose Cookware Wisely

Cookware that is used on a induction stove should be made of magnetic-based material. Cookware that is not magnetic will not work on an induction stove. For cheap swiss replica watches instance, glass, copper and aluminum cookware will not work on an induction stove. When you get an induction stove test your current cookware to see if it magnetically grips to the cooktop.

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Watch the Clock

The primary thing that people have to get used to when cooking on an induction stove is the cook time. Induction stoves can cut your cooking time in half in many instances. The first few times you use your induction stove it is best to keep an eye on what you are cooking so you can establish a better idea of your new cook times.

Adjust Heating Temperatures

With an induction stove, a dish that you once cooked on medium heat on your old stove, may now need to be heated on a lower setting. Many people find that they need to adjust temperature settings and or stir foods more frequently to avoid burning them.