Quality and Material Content are key to Coloured Sink Selection

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While stainless steel is still the most popular material choice for the kitchen sink, the coloured sink market has been steadily growing for the past 10 years. In recent years, this growth has picked up substantially with the popularity of Silgranit, a patented material made by Blanco and composed of 80% natural granite. Highly durable, Silgranit has become the leading coloured sink material in Canada.

The growth of Silgranit has prompted more manufacturers to introduce coloured sinks made of a wide range of materials on the market. Some of these materials have been around for a while—like cast iron enamel or acrylic—but performance factors have limited their growth in the market. Others, like thermocast fiberglass sinks, claim to be “scratch- and heat-resistant” but then warn in their warranties to keep knives or sharp utensils away from the sink surface and avoid putting hot pots or pouring hot liquids into the sink bowls as the warranty will not cover the resulting damage.

In contrast, Silgranit can withstand a hot pot straight from the stove onto its surface. It is also scratch-proof. Food can be chopped or cut directly on its surface and the material without scratching. It is easy to clean and highly resistant to acids and stains from wine, mustard and most household liquids and foods.

It’s clear that coloured sinks from different manufacturers Radio Controlled Boats and materials will perform quite differently from one another and the buyer should carefully research before they buy. Not all manufacturers have the technology to make a material that can stand up to the use and abuse that kitchen sinks need to withstand. For now, a quality stainless steel or a durable Silgranit sink that has been proven in the marketplace is a safe and wise choice. The selection of colour and style continue to grow as well, with a range of Silgranit colours that can fit any décor or complement any countertop material. Visit for more information.

Blanco Vision U 1.75 in Truffle Silgranit

Blanco Metra X Drainboard in Anthracite Silgrani

Blanco Diamond U 1.75 in White Silgranit

Blanco Axia II in Cafe Silgranit

Blanco Vision U 1.5 in Biscotti Silgranit

Blanco Precis U 2 in Silk Silgrani