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Many immediately think of IKEA’s modern and minimalist products when asked to define a Scandinavian design. But they would be wrong. The roots of this modern design genus go much deeper than the inventive principles of Bauhaus or De Stijl, and are far more interesting.

North to South, Scandinavia spans nearly a full 14 degrees of latitude, close to 1,500 kilometers (1,000 miles). Put another way, in Kiruna, Sweden, the mid-winter sun never rises while Stockholm receives about 5 hours of daylight. In July, the sun never sets in Kiruna and sunlight presides over 19 hours of the day in Stockholm.Replica Omega Watches Online 

This seasonal difference in the availability of natural light plays a singular role in Scandinavian interior design decisions and especially with colour selections. However, that is only half of the story.

After World War I, the product designs that emerged were greatly affected by the politics of reconstruction and the social concept of “beautiful things make your life better”. These designs, meant to be affordable for the masses, were engineered to be functional and make the most of the scarce raw materials available to the region. Nevertheless, the culture and work ethic of Northern European artisans provided both skill and desire to balance functionalism with style and beauty.

Beautiful things make your life better: function is balanced with style and beauty
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For example, an elegantly simple wall mounted wood stove with handcrafted cobalt blue and white accoutrements could be found in a room with white canvas covered chairs.  Later, when materials that are more refined became available, metal and leather replace wood and cloth, and wood stoves give way to modern electric appliances, but the core elements of functionality remain.

Functionalism is an immutable Scandinavian design trait, which is why the trend today embraces the modern and minimalist. There is a notable absence of clutter in the kitchen. Clean lines and purposely placed furnishings that have interesting shapes define the space, and the flooring flows into adjoining rooms.

A warm white base, complemented by crisp cool blues and greens is key to Scandinavian design
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The first rule is to keep it light and warm. White is the dominant base color for ceilings and walls with warm wood tones (blonde is a good choice) for the flooring. Designs with more modern themes can diverge from that. Accent colours are refreshingly crisp, preferring the cooler end of the spectrum like summer blues and greens.

Surfaces are usually matte rather than glossy, with ceramic tile behind the sink or stove, and painted wood panels and moldings. Select a sink and fixture that work together to increase the available working area.

A beamed ceiling is a great way to blend the old and new, especially when you install modern recessed lighting or hanging glass fixtures that pick up an accent colour. And don’t leave the beams unfinished, polished or draped with accessories.

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I have it on good authority that no Scandinavian kitchen (no matter how modern) should be without one notable accessory. The kitchen witch, as legend has it, holds the secret to goof-proof cooking. It could be why Scandinavians are always smiling.

So there you have it: sunlight, politics, one of the first modern social concepts to go “viral” and a poppet doll inspire the auspiciously wonderful Scandinavian designs we all can afford and enjoy.